Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Increment

My Increment were by far the most powerful, artistic, creative and unfortunately short lived band to come out of Bakersfield, CA in my opinion. At the beginning of their existence, Bakersfield's music scene was turning a new direction from punk to hardcore mainly based out of bands from Goleta, CA and Northern, CA. My Increment's new sound was so absent of the Bakersfield scene at the time of their inception and the crossing of genre's was something that nobody was prepared for, me included. I remember going to watch them practice at Joel's house throughout the beginning and being completely blown away. I also began noticing the change in timing and speed of their songs as the influences from outside bands kept pouring in. Bands like Channel and Groundwork were highly influential in the creation of My Increment and even though I never got to play guitar in this band (a story for another time), I am to this day amazed by how fresh their sound still is. There hasn't been a person that I've shown these recordings to that hasn't praised the originality and freshness of their song structure. Unfortunately they only released a split 12" with Sharon Tate out on Base Matter Records. Out of a total of 6 songs ever recorded, those 6 songs and My Increment will forever be in my influential top 10. Members went on to play in such bands as Shahrazad, the Sagittarians, Anodyne, ASRA, Defeatist and Curandera. Here's a link to 2 tracks off their 6 song discography that was never released.

Songs 5 & 6

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