Saturday, January 15, 2011


Neurosis obviously need no introduction. They are the pioneers of the dark, heavy, ambient, atmospheric and all that is extreme and in between. Many have tried to mimic their sound but pale in comparison. Their live shows are an experience that I will never pass up. I haven't missed a show (that has been within realistic driving distances) in 10 years. They are in my top 3 favorite artists of all time and I'm very stoked to say that I will notch up another live show into my belt tonight when they destroy the Great American Music Hall with 1 of 2 shows that are scheduled. They haven't played in the bay area let alone anywhere in the U.S for a few years. They did play December 30th and 31st 2010 in Seattle and prior to that they played in August of 2009 in Seattle as well. Other than that their presence has only been felt over seas for the last couple of years. I don't know what makes their efforts to play in the U.S so dismal but what I do know is that this makes tonight's show that much sweeter. Tonight's show is sold out so if you didn't get a chance to go to tonight's show then I believe tomorrow night's might still be available. Do yourself a favor and go. You won't be disappointed. Although, if you go tomorrow night you'll be missing YOB's performance. That band is a story for another time so all I can say about that is, it sucks to be you.