Thursday, August 26, 2010

to the Masses...Indeed

With great sadness and the most humbling attitude, I unfortunately (and fortunately) am about to witness the final show of one of the most (in my opinion) prolific, political, experimental, original, creative, powerful & moving bands that I've ever been so fortunate enough to witness (several times for that matter) throughout my years as a resident of San Francisco. I've been here since 2001 and even though I've known their drummer since my high school days back in my hometown of Bakersfield California I still am blown away by his and the other bandmates creative capabilities and harmonies throughout their entire performance.

From Monument To Masses has and always will be about the movement. The band has cited the American Civil Rights Movement as an example and note the hard work of hundreds of organizers that often gets overshadowed in history books by admittedly important individuals. The band members have often explained in interviews that their music is only one expression of their respective politics. Each member has been involved with various organizations throughout the life of the band, including the League of Filipino Students-SFSU, Challenging White Supremacy, Kalayaan School for Equity, BAYAN USA, and others.

Not one time throughout the years of listening to their recordings have I, and those around me not been moved by the strength of their message. Its energy and direct attention towards the change of the environment sends a message throughout the minds of the deaf or faint of sound. It's rare these days that I'm completely moved by the performance of a band. For some reason From Monument To Masses has that effect on me. If you're a resident of San Francisco and you have never witnessed these guys perform live then I highly recommend that you cancel your plans for this evening and partake in the closure of many years of blood, sweat and tears poured out from these guys. If your unable to commit to the events of this night, then I recommend that you purchase their albums and witness the revolution. Or what's left of it.

Here is a link to a live video


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fuck It! Summer revisited.

Okay. I know that I failed in my feeble attempt to try and write a weekly (if that) updated translation of our summer adventure throughout the midwest. Also, I have a very good reason why I didn't commit to such demanding tasks and here are my lame excuses; I'm not a writer for one, and therefore I am granted at least some type of immunity towards my inability to be clever enough to singlehandedly amuse you with my adventurous wit and charm. I was so busy entertaining more important endeavors throughout our trip that it would've lowered my responsibility to others around me to have to consistently check in and inform you of my current status. After all this isn't Twitter and I don't Tweet!

That said I can say that although our summer trip has been over for a week now, we (my wife & I ) have officially had an EPIC summer! We traveled to far places throughout the midwest and have enjoyed every minute of it. All throughout our journey from Portland to Yellowstone it was as beautiful as I'd imagined.

I'd like to take this time to especially thank my wife, in-laws, nephew, Goldie & Rose for some very memorable days/nights. You all are truly entertaining and a joy to be around. I couldn't have asked for a better family to be married into. I appreciate all that you have done for me and Melinda and enthusiastically look forward towards our next encounter. This is merely the beginning of our adventures together. Till next time we meet in the lobby of 4 Bears, with the stench of cigarettes in the air, the anticipation of meeting "Larry Lobster" in the bonus round and Tim's good old luck. You are all one in a million.